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Divorce Conflict? Tired of dealing with all the problems your ex creates? Try a Special Master

During, and after, a divorce there is often conflict - a great deal of conflict. The conflict often involve the rights of parents in relation to the children: custody disputes, parent-time (visitation) conflicts; and, parenting styles or roles. The children are affected and pulled by parents, and the parents are frustrated by the costs, and weeks of delays, in having to go back to court to determine their rights, or enforce the terms of a divorce, custody, or paternity order.

DIY Divorce - Think ahead!

t still amazes me how many requests for help I read on the various services where people say they need help with this or that issue, which they never addressed in the original divorce case. Things like custody, visitation, support, property, debts, and the like, all because the person thought the other side would be nice down the road, do the right thing, or would never do what that other person is now doing.Then, all of a sudden, the ex is acting in a contrary manner, and getting away with things because those things were never discussed, or if they were, the results of the discussion were kept out of the decree -- usually to keep the other person "happy" so that they'd sign off on the decree.That attitude simply leads to problems and conflict down the road. The first person goes along just happy and then slam, there is a problem. And it was not addressed in the decree. So now that first person is being bullied and cajoled by the ex, and has to cave in, or face handling the problem through a court case to change the decree and add the new provisions, if possible.Wouldn't it be better to get everything done right the first time, and avoid that down-the-road surprise and conflict? You need to get everything into the decree. If you need help looking down that road, then do get with an experienced family law attorney to help. As I've posted before, some attorneys will work with you on a limited basis.So, do check with an experienced attorney and get the best decree upfront.


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