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In Divorce Be Careful What you Post - 2

I've already written about being careful what you post on social media. But you also need to be careful what you post on any of the various legal opinion sites.

It is amazing some the the admissions people make on the various legal opinion sites. I've seen admissions of infidelity and affairs; hiding of assets; transferring funds fraudulently to avoid having to disclose those funds; child neglect and abuse; domestic violence; fraudulently entering a marriage; and even criminal activity. I've even seen a post where a person admitted to setting fire to the house because he didn't want a divorce (and fraudulently filing an insurance claim on top of it).

All of those admissions could subject the writer to civil ,and even criminal, prosecution and damages.

That information is public, and could be traced back to you. There is no confidentiality on those sites, and generally there is no confidentiality until you actually enter into a relationship with an attorney.

Be very careful what you do post.

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