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High-Conflict Domestic Cases

During a divorce or sometimes even after a family law case is finalized, hurt feelings and bitterness can keep one or both former spouses from moving on. Every little issue regarding custody, visitation (or parent-time) and spousal support can quickly turn into an argument.

A high-conflict case involves a person who has a high conflict personality. For a more detailed discussion go to High-conflict Divorce / High-conflict Personality

Compassionate and experienced family conflict representation in Salt Lake City, Utah

The truth is that divorce or paternity problems might never truly go away. These kinds of problems include:

  • Frequent change of jobs or moving around, resulting in the need to modify the existing child custody, visitation or child support order
  • Problems associated with visitation including picking up and dropping off on time, failure to agree on what the court order means or when the children do not want to visit a parent
  • Failure to pay medical or day care costs
  • Failure to pay costs associated with visitation
  • Remarriage of a parent

Post-judgment conflict is difficult on everyone involved. These ongoing battles can drain you financially and emotionally and quickly fill the court system. In these high-conflict cases, Utah courts have made increasing use of Special Masters. Special Masters are authorized by party agreement to make determinations for frequent, ongoing custody, or other related, disputes. As I am one of few lawyers trained as a Special Master, I can be appointed by courts and parties alike.

Assertive representation in parental alienation and interference matters

Parental alienation occurs when one parent actively or passively alienates the other parent in the eyes of the children. When this happens to you, I will work hard to protect your rights.

Similarly, I can help in cases of custodial interference, which occurs when someone who knows that he or she does not have a legal right to custody, nevertheless takes custody of a child from another person. It can also happen when a parent withholds a child from the parent who is deemed to have sole (or joint) custody by court order.

A Utah attorney ready to assist you

Contact me, David R. Hartwig, Esq., a Salt Lake City-based attorney who can assist with divorce post-judgment conflicts and other high-conflict issues. If your final order did not mean the end of conflict, it is important to have a skilled lawyer in your corner. I will do everything I can to resolve all conflicts as quickly and painlessly as possible after post-judgment conflict.

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