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Enforcing Orders

Assisting clients in Utah in taking action

At the office of David R. Hartwig, Esq. in Salt Lake City, Utah, I help clients throughout the state and country with enforcing all types of court orders, including orders for:

  • Child support
  • CustodyModification
  • Visitation
  • Production of documents
  • Transfers of property

I can represent you at any required hearings and make the most powerful possible argument on your behalf should any disputes arise.

  • If you are owed delinquent child or spousal support payments or any other court-ordered action, the office of David R. Hartwig, Esq. is available to help you petition the court for enforcement of a previous court order. If your request meets the criteria, the court can order wage garnishments, attach certain properties to satisfy the back payments, or hold the other party in contempt.
  • If you are facing an alimony or child support enforcement order and you don't have the money to make your payments, my legal services are also available to help you defend against an enforcement action. When there are substantial changes in your financial situation, you may be able to request a modification to the court decree. According to the law, if you have experienced "a material change in circumstances" since the order was put in place, you may petition the court to change the terms of the order. Factors like losing your job or taking a significant pay cut are often reasons for seeking a modification.Contact me for assistance with divorce and family law order enforcement in Utah

I have been a lawyer since 1984 and I provide personalized service to every client I represent. I handle every aspect of your case myself and pursue every legal option available to pursue a positive outcome in your case. I promptly return all phone calls, most within one business day. Contact my office online or call me at 801-833-0822 to schedule a consultation concerning your alimony or child support enforcement questions. I am available during regular business hours and by appointment.

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