Parent Time: Child Custody And Visitation

Your relationship with your children is a priority. I understand your concerns and will provide honest advice about the options in your case. I am David R. Hartwig, Esq., and I am passionate about helping parents through their custody or parent time issue in Salt Lake City and throughout Utah.

Resolving High-Conflict Issues

I can handle everything in your child custody, visitation or parent time case. I have more than 30 years of experience handling high-conflict issues, and I know what steps to take to find a beneficial resolution.

Child custody and visitation is a complex issue that many parents do not understand. As a Special Masters attorney in Utah, I have the experience, skill and knowledge to guide you through custody disputes and other family law conflicts involving your children. I will walk you through this process, explain the law and what you can expect in your case.

Your Rights And The Child's Best Interests

I will sit down with you, understand your situation and determine a plan to help you achieve your goals. I am dedicated to finding the best resolution — this can be achieved in many different ways so it is important to fully understand the facts in your case.

The best interests of the children are put first in parent time cases in Utah. The court reviews many factors when determining child custody and visitation arrangements. I work hard to make sure your parental rights are respected and that your child's best interests are served.

Modifying An Order

Life changes so even after decisions are made, child custody, visitation and parent time can be modified depending on specific circumstances. Modifications of child custody are complex, especially in high-conflict cases so it is vital to work with an experienced lawyer who understands how to effectively protect your rights while also looking out for your child's best interests.

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